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Garage Track

This 3 Level Car Parking will delight any little person who loves their cars and likes to see them go fast down ramps. It also has a movable lift that will make play more interesting as they transport cars, people and other precious objects up and down. This could be the parking station for all the toy cars, and would help your child to obtain a life-long habit of putting away his toys, and will stop little cars from getting squashed underfoot or lost under cupboards. Excellent toy for eye-hand co-ordination, plus fine finger motor skills, as well as a great role-playing toy. Combine this toy with play money and help teach your child to count out the money to pay the attendant. Another quality toy from iPlay, iLearn.

Total Price: $70

Category: Pretend Play

3 Level Car Parking Toy Garage with Helicopter Pad and Working Lift. Car Parking Attendant and Workman included plus an Off-Road Vehicle and a Pick-up Truck. Speedy downhill ramps for a quick exit and also for racing cars - the lift will delight little people. Strong durable construction. Matchbox cars, vehicles matched with this garage.


Product Dimension = 54 x 58 x 39 cms


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