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Stickon labels are self adhesive labels that are designed to stick on all your and your kids belongings. These are waterproof stickon labels which are safe even in microwave, dishwasher, sterilizer and freezer.

Simply Peel & Stick the name labels on to clean dry smooth surface of your belongings. Wait for 24 hours to wash them after application.

Iron on labels as name suggests are labels that have to be Ironed  on the clothes to be labeled. Please note that Iron on labels can only be ironed on clothes that can be ironed. On clothes like swim wear, wind cheaters, nylon or polyester based clothes, iron the label on its satin tag.

Iron on labels come with its instruction on how to Iron them, you may also look up the instructions video on You tube as well. Search for mycutestickons.

The simple steps can help you  stick your Iron on labels.

Make sure that the garment is pre washed specially for new garments as they may have starch which can be hindrance to the ironing on process.

  1. Set Iron to dry mode(No steam!), set the temperature to middle or wool setting which is around 130-150 degrees.
  2. Keep the label where it has to be ironed on , place on top the butter paper that came along with the labels and now place the Iron flat on the label.Press the iron for about 10 to 15 seconds and lift it up. Let it cool for 10 seconds and then repeat the step again upto 3 pressings. Allow the garment to cool down.
  3. Lift your butter paper and check if the label has adhered to the garment properly.
  4. Check the edges that they are nice adhered, incase you find them lifting up, repeat the pressing step one more time.
  5. Do not wash clothes immediately, wait for atlas 24 hours.

We have sold thousands of iron on labels and there is a 1% rate of users having problems . This may happen incase you haven't followed the instructions well, its very important that you follow instructions strictly, Sometimes difference in the Irons, the pressure and timing can vary and you may need extra pressure and pressings We would recommend you do the the following

  • Ensure your clothes have been pre-washed.
  • Use a little more heat and/or pressure but be careful not to burn the clothing.
  • Test one to get your timing and pressure right on a cloth and wash it before applying on clothes.
  • Incase the label is coming off half , just re-iron the label once more following the steps again.
  • Make sure no steam irons are used

Cotton clothes usually require higher temperature.

The label preview has some limitations due to the nature of application, please fit in the name using 2 lines and our designers will make sure they do perfect job before printing.

Shoe labels are stickon labels that can be stuck to most shoes and will help your child and care giver identify them. The Shoe labels simply have to be stuck inside the shoe at the base/heel?

One of our shoe label designs that are available in solid colors have the print directly printed on to the label and to prevent the text from wearing off from it due to sweat and friction, it comes with a clear label. Our printed designer shoe labels don't require an over lay, they come pre laminated.

Yes you may do that however keeping the shape and size of the shoe we have specially designed labels.

None of the labels will stick on rough surfaces such as crocs in shoes due to its nature to stick on smooth surface.

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Yes we have COD facility in most cities please check our availability pin code wise before ordering COD. COD takes upto 4-5 days to deliver.

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Prepaid orders means where we have received the payment vis credit debit to net banking. Or you have made an account transfer to us.

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Yes  we have international shipping for orders. We use Indian postal service via registered post shipping for international orders, takes upto 10 days to receive. You ca request us for express shipping internationally and we will provide you with a quote.

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Its a personalize item hence we don't take returns however if there is an error in the label in terms of spelling mistake made by us then we would be happy to send you a new set, please note, if the mistake has been made at your end, we wont be able to provide free of cost replacement, hence please ensure you check the spellings before confirming your order. We do remind you at the time of order confirmation.

Wall stickers are specialized stickers made of phthalate free ( non vinyl) non toxin, child and eco friendly self adhesive material which is easy to apply, remove and even reposition or re use.

Yes, we do create labels & wall stickers to cater any size, design & request. Please write to us or contact us on

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