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Starter Labels Value Pack

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Starter Labels Value Pack

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1199(Final Price)

Category: Value Packs

Starter Labels Value Pack

₹1199 - 1199
  • Std-assorted-pack with 20-iron-ons ₹1199

Pack Includes

  • - 6 Big Labels
  • - 12 Medium Labels
  • - 18 Small Labels
  • - 6 Shoes Labels
  • - 8 Round Labels
  • - 20 iron ons
Price: ₹ 1199

These are a set of custom sticker for school. Stick-on in your kids favorite themes, Assorted packs for your child’s belongings including stickers for shoes, clothes, books and more. These custom stickers can be easily stuck and great for first-timers. These stickers are waterproof, Microwave, Dishwasher, Sterilizer Safe stickers.

We know how much planning and organizing goes into a perfect first day at school. We just think we can help a bit with our custom stickers value pack. There are different shapes of sticker design to make your job a bit easier. Great for Preschool.

These are a set of adorable personalized school stickers, Stick-on in your kid's favorite themes, Assorted packs for your child’s belongings including stickers for shoes, clothes, books and more. These stickers can be easily stuck and great for first-timers. These are fully waterproof, Microwave, Dishwasher, Sterilizer Safe Stickers.

This Starter School Custom Sticker Pack contains 

  • 8 Round Labels, 
  • 6 Big Labels
  • 6 pairs of shoe Label, 
  • 12 Medium Labels  
  • 18 Small Labels, 
  • 20 Iron-on Labels. (Please note the Iron on label will be printed with Black Text on White)

These custom stickers for books are made of self-adhesive material that you can use on your Lunchboxes, bottles, sippers, shoes, and clothes too. All of our products come ready to use, just tell us what name put on them.

Who uses them?


Practical personalized labels to mark all the belongings of the school or your work. If you require other sizes we can make them. 

Why Us?

  • Because we are going to send it to you quickly.
  • Because we can make any design you want, choose from our large collection.
  • Because we understand you. The mom who created the company has  2 young children and is a Mother's Choice Award-Gold Winner.
  • Because you have a total guarantee on your purchase. We are united by a common objective: the happiness of our clients with great quality.
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We are here to help , we have tried to answer all frequently asked questions however feel free to write to us at in case you have more queries.

Can I put any Stickon label in the shoe?

Yes you may do that however keeping the shape and size of the shoe we have specially designed labels?

What are shoe labels ?

Shoe labels are stickon labels that can be stuck to most shoes and will help your child and care giver identify them. The Shoe labels simply have to be stuck inside the shoe at the base/heel ?

How do I use Iron on labels ?

Iron on labels come with its instruction on how to Iron them, you may also look up the instructions video on You tube as well.Search for mycutestickons. The simple steps can help you stick your Iron on labels. Make sure :that the garment is pre wash

What are Iron on labels?

Iron on labels as name suggests are labels that have to be Ironed on the clothes to be labeled. Please note that Iron on labels can only be ironed on clothes that can be ironed. On clothes like swim wear, wind cheaters, nylon or polyester based clothes,

How do I Stick the Stick-on name labels?

Simply Peel & Stick the name labels on to clean dry smooth surface of your belongings. Wait for 24 hours to wash them after application.

What are Stickon Name Labels ?

Stickon labels are self adhesive labels that are designed to stick on all your and your kids belongings.These are waterproof stickon labels which are safe even in microwave , dishwasher , steriliser and freezer.

Is school label value pack waterproof?


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