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Name Labels

Name Labels

Custom Name Labels & Tags for Kids are a great way to organise their stuff, especially because kids tend to mix up and lose their stuff, and its not their fault, with the same size, same color, and almost same stuff in a class, kids do tend to get confused and ofcourse let's remember some of them are careless & forgetful.

Here's a range of solutions for Mums to make kids responsible for their own stuff, be it lunch box, sippers, books, jackets, and even shoes. Label everything with our name labels.

School Needs

School Needs

Get your kid excited for school with our trendy labels. Easy to stick on and peel off, these labels are made in high-quality vinyl which is not just waterproof but also a microwave, dishwasher, washer, dryer safe. 

All you have to do is customize it with your kid’s name and stick it on all their stuff for school.

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